CDS is an American School serving an international population. Country Day School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States, and by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education. Focusing on the American High School Diploma and a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the curriculum also prepares students for the Costa Rican Bachillerato examinations.

The five hectare purposefully built new campus, designed to foster community within the campus with learning spaces adjacent and visible to each other, is located in San Rafael de Alajuela, on Route 27, about 15 kilometers west from downtown San Jose. The campus moved to its current site in July 2016, and is the first K-12 LEED certified school in Costa Rica. Includes 81 well-equipped classrooms, 7 science labs, robotics and maker spaces, a Theater, Fine Arts center, Learning Resource Center and Library, Athletic facilities and swimming pool. Our #CDSNewHome has inner courtyards within Houses with natural playscapes, seating, and outdoor learning spaces. The new CDS campus has an enterprise level connection to the internet. Our network is both wired and wireless.

CDS offers a full sports program and many after school activities for all students of all ages. Basketball, soccer, and volleyball are the most popular competitive sports. Student council, National Honor Society, environmental and service learning programs, music and drama, a robust elective program in Middle and High School, and overnight class trips to Costa Rica's amazing national parks provide a well-rounded extracurricular program. See the pages for sports, music and extracurricular programs on this website.

Bus service is available to students living in the western San Jose area. A late bus runs after sports and other extracurricular activities. Bus fees are set annually and are billed monthly. See the page for transportation on this website.

General school supplies, consumable workbooks and textbooks are included in school fees. There are no lab, art, or locker fees. Band instruments are available for rental. Students are required to purchase the school uniform and P.E. uniform. See the page for school fees and financial information on this website.

The mission of CDS is complemented by the CDS Educational Development Association, the non-profit arm of the school which funds scholarships for local students, encourages student community service opportunities, and supports continuing education for local teachers. See the Association's page on this website for more information.