The CDS Educational Association is a non-profit association incorporated in both the U.S. and Costa Rica, and founded in 2002. The Association is a private initiative for the public good, forging a partnership among the community of Country Day School, local educators, and business leaders.

  • Award scholarships to talented yet financially disadvantaged Costa Rican youth to study at CDS as of 9th grade.  Click here for more information on how to apply.
  • Offer workshops for local Costa Rican educators to enhance their pedagogical skills.
  • Develop and encourage service learning programs for CDS students through which they can make a meaningful contribution to the local community

CDS EDA is funded from two sources. 100% of the one-time Registration Fee provides the primary funding for the program annually. This is supplemented by grants and donations from individuals and companies who wish to support the work and goals of the Association. 

The Association has enjoyed remarkable success in achieving its goals. Currently 4 students attend CDS on full scholarships that continue until they graduate from the school.  Teacher workshops are offered each year by our teacher volunteers to local public school teachers. Gifts of teaching materials have accompanied these workshops. Finally, the Association has funded and provided seed money to initiate new service learning programs for students at all levels of the School. These students tutor local students in public schools, develop projects and raise funds for human and environmental causes and work to rebuild and improve community facilities in small rural communities.