The Profile of Graduates provides the answer to the following question: When our students at Country Day School have completed our entire educational program and have had the benefit of the services and activities provided by the school and its community:

  • What do we expect them to know?
  • What do we expect them to be able to do with what they know?
  • What qualities or characteristics do we want them to demonstrate?

Our Country Day School students demonstrate a strong academic foundation in the following areas:

  • Thinking and communicating mathematically and scientifically
  • Knowledge and inquiry processes that allow informed decision-making for the public good as citizens of an interdependent world
  • Coherent oral and written expression in both English and Spanish, including listening, and speaking
  • Responsible, safe, and effective use of technology for education and personal satisfaction
  • Literacy in the areas of print and electronic media
  • Organizational skills, study habits and effective time management
  • Analytical and critical reading of a wide range of texts

Our Country Day School students are able to utilize the following thinking skills:

  • Specific elements of critical thinking such as discerning purpose, asking questions, challenging assumptions, and recognizing implications and point of view,
  • Problem solving which includes defining a problem, considering solutions, and making right decisions, both independently and as a team member
  • Innovative thinking that allows creative ideas to become reality
  • Curiosity as demonstrated by a desire to explore, generate questions, and seek answers
  • Self-awareness as shown though reflection and understanding about own learning styles, behavior, personality, and perspectives

Our Country Day School students are able to actively and meaningfully contribute in various communities by:

  • Working both independently and collaboratively
  • Actively building community locally nationally, and globally
  • Courageously showing empathy and compassion to others
  • Demonstrating respect for people of different backgrounds, including ethnicity, learning differences, country of origin, race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or beliefs
  • Respecting and caring for our planet through active stewardship

Our Country Day School students exhibit the following personal qualities:

  • Integrity through adherence to moral and ethical principles
  • Accountability by accepting responsibility for his or her own actions
  • Leadership as shown through self-discipline, communication and organizational skills, and initiative
  • Adaptability as shown through adjustment to new environments, challenges, and conditions
  • Commitment to wellness as shown through making good choices that enhance emotional and physical health