Country Day School provides a structured and challenging education in grades PK-12 that focuses on student excellence and achievement. The purposes and standards of the school are comparable to selective U.S. independent and college preparatory schools. Admission to Country Day School is competitive and selective.

The school selects students on the basis of achievements and their potential to contribute positively to the strength and diversity of the student body.

A student admitted to the early childhood program and elementary school must demonstrate proficiency in the English language or the potential for becoming proficient. A non-English speaking student admitted to CDS Early Childhood and Elementary School will be admitted conditionally and will participate in the ELD (English Language Development) program. A student in the ELD program should not remain in the program for more than two years, after which time the student should be able to perform under the regular curriculum.

To be considered for admission, all applicants are requested to comply with an application process that includes submission of all required documents, an admission and placement tests and an interview with the Principal.


Country Day School is committed to diversity. It is a non-sectarian institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission, educational, and employment policies.

School uniform regulations