To apply to enter in Pre Kinder, Kinder and Preparatory, you will need to submit the required documentation listed below. Upon receiving all the documents, an evaluation will be scheduled for your child, as well as an interview with the parents and the Early Childhood Principal. We will invite your child and you to the Sneak Peek!

To apply to enter Pre-Kinder, children have to be at least 2 years and 4 months old by August,

to apply to enter Kinder,  4 years and 4 months by August, and

to apply to enter Preparatory, 5 years and 4 months by August.

A student admitted to the early childhood program would have to demonstrate proficiency in the English language or the potential for becoming proficient. A non-English speaking student admitted to Early Childhood will participate in the ELD (English Language Development) program. 


  1. Complete the Online Application Form
  2. EC Parent Questionnaire  Parent Questionnaire
  3. Students' report or report card, if available
  4. Letter of recommendation from current teacher, if available
  5. Submission of results of evaluations or special testing, if available
  6. Letter of financial solvency from current school
  7. Copy of student's birth certificate
  8. Copy of student's passport – identification page only
  9. Copy of parent's ID or passport - identification page only
  10. Copy of vaccination record (required by Costa Rican law)
  11. 1 Passport size photo