IMG_5233.jpgWelcome to Early Childhood! This is an exciting time in the life of your young child; it is a time for growth, exploration, discovery, and learning about the world around us.  The Early Childhood Program at CDS is for children ages two years, four months through six years. Our program encompasses three levels: The Pre-Kinder program for children ages two years and four months through four years and three months, followed by Kindergarten, and Preparatory.

Our program focuses on educating the whole child. We know that academic progress is interlinked with social, emotional, and physical development; and we believe that children learn most efficiently and gain more knowledge through play-based activities such as dramatic play, art, hands on experiences, and social games.  As we understand that children learn through active involvement, we are dedicated to providing a stimulating, hands-on learning environment that follows a developmentally appropriate curriculum with well-planned, engaging activities. These activities encourage the children to socialize while developing their inherent natural abilities. Early Childhood staff focuses on the whole child and his or her overall growth and development. The early childhood years are when children develop their self-esteem, gain acceptance from their peers, and are allowed to learn new skills through play, discovery, experimentation, and exploration in a caring and loving environment.

The curriculum for our Early Childhood program is developmental and age appropriate at each level. Language arts, reading readiness, mathematics, social studies and science are developed through thematic units of study included in all the academic areas. We consider that young children learn best in an environment rich in sensory experiences, and we emphasize our learning in small groups with materials designed to develop the full range of motor, social, emotional, and academic skills.

Our curriculum is supplemented by special classes such as: computer education, music, Spanish, PE, Library, yoga and swimming. All these educational activities stimulate creativity, self-expression, fine and gross motor skills, and social interaction. While our rich student diversity helps the children become more aware of different cultures as they see themselves as members of a wider world community.

Our Mission states that we provide children with the skills, values, and courage to become responsible leaders. Our Profile of the Graduate describes in detail the qualities that we expect our CDS graduates (at every level) to embody.

Using these documents as starting points, our CDS Director and Principals continually focus on not only whole-child development, but also continued growth of our faculty. Members of our community have numerous opportunities throughout the year to learn, teach, and talk about how to use our skills, talents, and courage to work together to grow, both as individuals and as a community, to help enhance our social and physical community lives both in and out of school.

I wish you a joyful school year full of learning fun!

Keitsa Brisson

Early Childhood Principal

Country Day School