IMG_4585.JPGAt Country Day School (CDS) we work purposefully and collaboratively to inspire and promote learning and achievement for all students, Pre-K – Grade 12. With our students firmly at the heart of our learning intentions, we endeavor to nurture and support their overall growth and development. Working together as a learning community--students, parents, teachers, and educational leaders--we prepare our learners for an ever-changing future.

The CDS learning experience is designed as a continuous journey of self-development from Early Childhood to High School graduation. Students engage in a coherent curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, focused on learning, and preparatory for a world beyond school. Through the application of transferable skillsets, students have the opportunity to explore a broad range of disciplines from a variety of perspectives. 

Students leave CDS to continue their learning at colleges and universities throughout the world. Taking with them the skills, values, and perspectives that have been threaded throughout their learning experience, students enter higher education prepared to be active participants in their new communities and the world. 

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