IMG_7399.jpgNo matter the age of your children, they will feel welcomed into a safe, nurturing environment at CDS. Each and every one of our students will experience the caring, professional support of our staff, and the values at the core of our school identity (as represented on our three critical documents: Mission, Beliefs, and Profile of Our Graduates) are deliberately developed in all students so that they learn to value diversity and gain a global, inclusive perspective of humanity. This contributes greatly to the strong sense of community for which CDS is renowned.

For children to be open to and focused on learning and absorbing what is going on around them, they must feel warm and safe in, and attracted to, their learning environment. No matter which part of the school they are in, we design our environments to provide these qualities. This is reflected in the smaller size school furniture in the EC, the rugs for relaxing on to read a book in the EC and ES, and the niches outside of the classroom and in the beautiful gardens across all divisions.

Within the classroom, teachers promote both individual and collaborative learning through designing particular arrangements of desks – sometimes in small groups, sometimes in circles, etc. Also, the very design of the building itself is utilized to promote a sense of community. For example, the circular arrangement of the central forum in the high school is utilized for whole school assemblies and other events shared by the entire high school community.

In all our school divisions, the learning environment is designed and adapted to optimize the atmosphere for learning, for developing community, and for enjoyment.