IMG_5182.JPGOur early childhood environment is a safe and nurturing place where children are fully supervised and have all the essential materials to learn at hand.  Our classrooms are appropriately equipped with low furniture, bathrooms, rich learning centers which include a plethora of manipulatives, a rug to meet on during circle time, cozy reading areas, and outdoor playgrounds.  Much attention is given to making materials accessible to the children as they learn how to use and care for them respectfully. The teachers work to create an environment where children practice and are supported in problem solving, social interactions with peers, emotional growth, gross, fine motor and cognitive skills.  The environment is structured to support the whole child.

CDS aims for an environment that meets children’s basic needs and supports and encourages children to engage in activities that implement the program's curriculum and philosophy. Teachers enable the optimum learning for their students by welcoming families to play an active role in their school experience. We believe that parents play a crucial role in the education of their children. Therefore, parents are invited into the classroom to share their knowledge, skills and make a partnership between school and home.