IMG_5145-Edit.JPGOur middle school is a community with a distinctive culture. Its environment is inviting, safe, inclusive, and supportive. It balances hard work with fun. Our students are children and should enjoy school. That is one reason we have spirit days, sports days, dress down days, and our now infamous Olympic Festival every year. Through our 15 advisories and Middle School Student Council, students have a voice and decision-making power. Students regularly work on service and environmental projects that extend our community beyond the gates of the school.

The building that now houses the middle school office used to be the home of a British ambassador. Over the years, different parts of the original house have become key components of the school. The original living room, complete with fireplace, is now our assembly hall. The outdoor barbeque area is our art studio. The backyard is the site of a covered recreation area where students play basketball and volleyball. A three-story wing of classrooms extends from this building.

Teachers have organized spaces to suit the needs of our students. Desks are arranged in groups or circles or U shapes so students can work collaboratively and discuss. Literature classes have small rugs and pillows so students can sprawl comfortably on the floor while they read. Students take advantage of the wide outdoor hallways to work independently or in small groups. They frequently work on projects, study, or read outside sitting at picnic tables or on the ground under trees.