In both the middle and high schools, co-curricular activities(electives) are offered throughout the day to provide additional inspiration to explore, learn and enrich students lives. The elective program allows students, through choice and challenge, to pursue a passion and have a chance to lead initiatives. The following are electives that were offered over the past year.

  • Baccalaureate Spanish: The fundamental purpose of this course is to provide the students with the skills to analyze the grammatical structure of the language and at the same time, provide an analysis of Latin American literature. They must be able to express his/her ideas in a correct Spanish, adequate for the circumstances and with a rich vocabulary. Throughout the course, they will summarize, analyze, compare and debate several texts of contemporary authors (Yadira Calvo, Rafael Ángel Herra, Miguel Hernández) doing an analytical and creative reading of the texts proposed. The students will develop the capacity of writing in a comprehensible and logical manner, improving the correct use of the grammatical and writing rules. The curriculum is based on the program of the Ministry of Public Education.
  • Campus Service: The Campus Service elective is one in which selected high school students will be assigned to different divisions in the school. The principals in each division will define the duties for each campus service student. Responsibilities will be varied, including office tasks, and helping in whatever area is defined. Students must have high school approval to be selected for Campus Service.
  • Choir Classes will focus on relaxation and posture, breath control, resonance, placement, diction, the fundamentals of good tone production, and will gradually include choreography and dance. Students will engage on the process of creating the movements. The repertoire includes popular songs, jazz and Broadway musical.
  • College Workshop Students will become familiar with the whole college application process as well as meet with college reps. who will be visiting the CDS campus during this time.
  • Debate Club The objective of this elective is to develop in High School students the ability to communicate their ideas, opinions properly in public by providing them the opportunity to discuss topics of Costa Rican and international current affairs. Therefore, the students will be exposed to different kinds of debates, for example the parliamentary and the forensic. In order to learn techniques for speech and debate and implement them, each session will be followed by a discussion of topics previously elected by the majority; however topics may be left to chance.
  • Drama This is a course that stresses acting and directing techniques. It is a performance course, which means that there is no final examination. Students practice acting techniques through workshop activities that build confidence, creativity and collaboration. Students develop the skills necessary to assume a role and create dramatic skits and scenes. Scenes from plays written by professionals may be directed and produced by students. Monologues are memorized and acted before the class.
  • Knowledge Bowl Do you know lots of random, useless trivia? Do you like Jeopardy? Do you love to learn things that go beyond (or occasionally, instead of) what is taught in school? Then you may have what it takes to compete in Knowledge Bowl, a fast-paced Quiz Bowl-style competition that stresses fast recall of math, poetry, business, science, literature, music, art, history, culture, sports, current events, spelling, and the price of tea in China.
  • Model United Nations (MUN) Students will join in this activity of representing other countries’ positions and views with respect to internationally assigned issues. Students will travel to at least one foreign location for a MUN conference.
  • Podcast Journalism & Literary Magazine Students are responsible for all aspects of the creation and publication of the CDS Podsquad podcasts, which highlight activities and general occurrences at CDS. This includes overall creative design, scriptwriting, filming, interviewing, audio and video editing and final posting on YouTube.
  • Public Speaking and Leadership Develop the tools to become the self-assured, successful person you want to be. You will be able to organize your thoughts and present them clearly and confidently, listen critically, and lead others. The Public Speaking and Leadership elective is modeled after Toastmasters International, a leader in making effective communication a worldwide reality.
  • Roots & Shoots Community service group that creates projects and raise funds in order to help the local and global communities.
  • Sketching Sketching and Drawing elective is designed to encourage talented students into the basic learning skills of drawing using the formal concepts of line, volume, shadow and perspective. The course follows the concept that drawing is by using your eyes and your brain. Students are instructed to draw realistically by rendering exactly what they see. If you are interested in art and painting, learning how to draw will help you achieve the effects you are looking for.
  • Wind Ensemble Performing music from a wide variety of styles, genres, historical periods, and musical tastes, this ensemble represents the highest caliber of musical performance and education at the high school level. Students should have at a minimum 3-4 years of experience playing and reading music in a regular band class, or the equivalent experience through private lessons. This class is by interview or audition only. Students should expect to perform in concerts both at school and within the community several times per semester.
  • Yearbook The yearbook elective is meant for students who would like to learn or hone their skills in digital photography, photo editing, page design and layout, copywriting and copy editing, as well as other desktop publishing procedures. 



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