Tuition & Fees

2016-2017 SCHOOL FEES

ENTRANCE FEE A one time fee per family, enrolling for the first time $ 1,000.00
CAPITAL ASSESSMENT A one time fee per student $ 2,500.00
MATRICULATION FEE For students in grades Pre-Kinder - 12th grade

$ 1,200.00


KINDER FULL DAY $11,080.00
PREPARATORY $11,080.00
GRADES 1ST-12TH $14,970.00

Entrance Fee:
New families pay a one-time entrance fee of $1,000, upon initial admission to Country Day School. This fund will be administered by the Country Day School Educational Development Association (CDS EDA), a non-profit entity, and will be used to fund scholarships and service projects. This is a non-refundable fee.

Capital Assessment: Every new student will be assessed a one-time Capital Assessment. The charge will be applied as follows: the amount will be due in full upon enrollment in grade levels 1st through 12th. Students enrolling for the first time in grades PK-Prep will be assessed 50% of the fee upon enrollment, with the other 50% due when they reach 1st grade. This is a non-refundable fee.

Matriculation Fee: The matriculation fee is paid in full for all enrolling students prior to the start of each school year. The fee is due in mid-April of each year for returning students; and, for new students, is due upon enrollment with the above Entrance fee. This is a non-refundable fee.

Tuition (Pre-Kinder-12th Grade): Tuition is paid yearly in two installments. Seventy percent (70%) of tuition is due prior to the beginning of the school year. The 70% payment is due in full and is non-refundable. The remaining thirty percent (30%) of tuition is billed in November and is due before the end of the first semester. The 30% payment is due in full and is non-refundable. Students who enter CDS for the first time in the second semester, pay 5/9ths (55%) of the year's tuition. For all students who enter after the beginning of the school year, tuition is due upon entering.

Billing and Payment: School fees are quoted in US dollars. Payment can be made in colones at the official Banco Central sell-rate or in US dollars. The school business office will only accept checks. Payment in cash (or by check) can be made by depositing the amount due in any branch of:

Local Payments:
Bank:Account #
Banco General $1262-0103-0100-2013-9
Banco General ¢1262-0103-0000-2013-8

Banco de Costa Rica $

001-0017089-5 (cc: 1520-1001-0017-0895-6) *

Banco de Costa Rica ¢

001-0183407-0 (cc: 1520-1001-0183-4070-4) *

BAC San José $

913762431 (cc: 1020-0009-1376-2431-0) *

BAC San José ¢

913762423 (cc: 1020-0009-1376-2423-8) *

Banco Davivienda $

91422009589 (cc: 1040-0000-4890-3012-8) *

Banco Davivienda ¢

91422009571 (cc: 1040-0000-4890-3011-1) *

* Cuenta Cliente (for money transfers using SINPE)

Instructions to wire funds from the United States or any other country towards Costa Rica:

Correspondent Bank:Wells Fargo Bank, NA, New York
ABA: 026005092
Beneficiary Bank Name:Banco General (Costa Rica) S.A.
Account Number:2000192007728
Address:San José, Costa Rica, Trejos Montealegre - Escazú. Torre Banco General
Phone number:(506) 2588-4600

Final Beneficiary

Country Day School. Ltda
Beneficiary ID:3-102-009768
Account Number:1262-0103-0100-2013-9

If for your convenience you prefer wire transfer or bank transfer, add an estimate of $25 to the face value of the invoice. Should the bank charge be higher, CDS will communicate it immediately so that the amount can be completed. If the bank charges less the corresponding credit note will be issued.

For better service, we kindly ask that a copy of your bank deposit, Sinpe transfer, or wire transfer be sent to:


CDS does not accept US dollar checks drawn on banks domiciled outside the USA, with the exception of dollar checks drawn on Banks in Costa Rica.

Surcharges: A surcharge of 1.5% per month is levied against past due accounts. A 10% surcharge is levied on past due Matriculation fee, Capital assessment and Entrance fee invoices. A charge of $45.00 is due to the school for each check rejected by the bank.

School Supplies: Consumable workbooks, on-loan classroom textbooks, and some school supplies are included in school fees. Paper, pens, and pencils are given to students periodically in established quantities. There are no lab, computer, or locker fees. No additional charges are levied for honors courses nor for band and violin classes (except for instrument rentals). Transportation for class field trips within the inner city are paid for by the school. Each student in grades one through twelve is entitled to one copy of the school yearbook. Children in Early Childhood (Pre-Kinder through preparatory) will receive one yearbook per family.

Additional Fees: Additional fees are charged for regular school-to-home transportation, food service, instrument rentals, and some after school activities. Students are required to purchase the official P.E. and CDS school uniform. Additional charges may be levied for consumable materials in courses like advanced art and for personal reference texts, when required by the school. Students must pay for the cost of special examinations required by CDS, such as Advanced Placement and Pre-Sat tests.

Special Education Services: CDS will charge additional fees for special education services or programs outside its stated mission or program of studies that the school may be called upon to provide. Special education services or programs could include, but are not limited to, special classes in areas such as ESL, foreign languages, specialized arts, crafts, and skills, learning disabilities, remediation, or special services for students who are learning impaired or who have identified special needs.

Optional Payment Plan: An optional payment plan is available at an additional 6% over the stated yearly tuition. It does not apply for the first year at CDS, or for half day programs. Contact the business office for further information and requirements.

Cafeteria Service: is offered through Conday Restaurante. You have the option to open an account with the cafeteria to make deposits for automatic withdrawals each time a purchase is made. Deposits at the B.O. can be made only by check. Deposits through other means (or by check) can also be made to the accounts of Conday Restaurante S.A. Ced. jurídica: 3-101-100910

Bank Checking Account

#SINPE Account

Banco Davivienda ¢9142312546110409142312546115

Banco Davivienda $

Banco de Costa Rica ¢001-0285932-715201001028593271
Banco de Costa Rica $



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