From the earliest moments of our children’s lives, it is  parents and families who pave the way for successful school experiences. At Country Day School, we believe that parent and family involvement in a child’s life experience has a crucial effect on school learning and achievement.

To be successful, we believe that every international school needs and expects the cooperation of parents, who understand and embrace the school’s mission, share its core values, and fully support its curriculum, faculty and staff. Joined by a common set of beliefs and purposes, Country Day School and its parents form a powerful partnership with far-reaching positive effects on children and the entire school community.

We welcome parents in a variety of active roles within Country Day School, from assisting in class or with special projects to leading a range of community activities. Working together, parents and school professionals create a dynamic environment and exert a strong influence on children’s passion for learning; they also model adult working relationships based on civility, honesty and respect.