Beyond our excellent academic program, CDS also strives to help all students achieve their full potential; physically, socially, creatively and as contributors to society from Early Childhood through High School.  To this end, the school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, sports programs, drama, music and art opportunities, field trips, grade level activities and events in which the whole family, (students, parents and siblings) can be involved.  In addition, students are active leaders of a variety of community outreach projects.

CDS prides itself on its school spirit and our athletic program is particularly strong with school teams at every level.  The school also nurtures creativity and fosters lasting ties with the Arts.  From drama productions, choir performances, band participation in regional festivals to art exhibitions there are a myriad of ways for students to get involved and tap into their artistic side.

Extra and Co-curricular leadership opportunities abound.  For example, there are elected student councils in Elementary, Middle and High School Divisions, where the students play a lead role in establishing norms and activities for the relevant student population.  There are many other extra and co-curricular programs that vary by division.

Finally, CDS families are encouraged to help organize and participate in school events.  Two great examples are the Family Picnic Day with a host of games, stalls and activities centered on the High School Quad and the Annual Fun Run, where the whole family readily plays a role and those not running, often man booths or help steward the event.