IMG_5122.jpgThe Performing Arts have long been a vital part of life at Country Day School and most students, by the time they graduate, have performed in one or more than one school play, AASCA Drama Festival, talent show or assembly performance. The performing arts are recognized as a vital part of school life and are supported by a broad section of the CDS community.

In major productions, up to or more than half of the student body has a part to play, whether it be onstage, or ushering, dancing or directing the spotlight.

Over the past years, CDS has stage musicals as varied as West Side Story and Little Shop of Horrors, and has explored radio theater and, most recently, audience participation extravaganzas. The success of these projects is gratifying and due to community of students, teachers, families and service groups that collaborate to bring live theater to the CDS community.

Country Day School has hosted AASCA Performing Arts Festivals on a number of occasions and is a leader in dramatic arts in the AASCA Schools of Central America. Students have the opportunity to live and create in an atmosphere dedicated to performance and participation. Our students profit immensely from these activities, cooperating more than/rather than competing. In fellow actors from different schools and different countries, Country Day Students discover appreciative audiences and general acclaim.

Whether it is in the Middle School Play, the AASCA Festival or just in the classroom, theater plays an important role in student life. New facilities promise progress in Performing Arts. We look forward to facilities that will allow us to continue to bring life to light/center stage.