As our mission states, at CDS we "inspire a passion for learning and provide children with the skills, values, and courage to become responsible leaders in the community and the world.” We believe that one of the ways we help young poeple become responsible and courageous is in the service of others.

Service Learning:

  • is an experiential process that provides students with authentic opportunities to utilize effective collaboration and critical problem solving while engaging positively in their community.
  • integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection.
  • combines service objectives and learning objectives with the intent that the activity changes both the recipient and the provider.
  • offers all participants a chance to better understand the complexities of tackling global issues while simultaneously addressing genuine needs in our communities.

We are passionate at CDS about providing the educational environment and opportunities that allow students to reach their full potential. It is therefore essential that all students have the opportunity and the guidance to engage in meaningful service learning experiences locally and globally. Not only does service learning provide a foundation upon which to produce positive impact, it provides opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection, and self-discovery.