Primary Function:

The first priority of the Guidance Counselor is to ensure that students perform their best academically. Counselors in secondary education are expected to help adolescents identify and understand the unique educational, social and behavioral challenges related to attending high school. They must also seek to identify problems that may negatively impact the academic and social development of students. To provide a comprehensive guidance and counseling program designed to address the social, emotional, educational and occupational needs of all students

Counselor Responsibilities:

The High School Guidance Counselor is expected to work with students one-on-one, with teachers and parents, or with peers in a group assembly or discussion forum.  Some common duties include, developing guidance curriculum, providing student resources, counseling individual students, maintaining records, facilitating conferences, orientating new students and disseminating scholarship information.

Duties and Objectives:

The Guidance Counselor will work collaboratively with their department members, colleagues and Student Support specialists to plan common and coherent learning experiences for students, as well as assume the following duties and objectives on a continuous basis:

  • Facilitate small groups for individual students with identified common needs
  • Identify and work with students who have discipline, attendance and academic problems and are referred by teachers, parents or administrators
  • Make the necessary schedule changes for individual students that are both appropriate for their abilities and aligned with their educational and career plans
  • Work with teachers to better help them understand students with physical or emotional challenges.
  • Refer students and parents/guardians to appropriate school and community resources
  • Consult with and serve as a resource for students, staff and parents regarding developmental needs of students. which may include an active participation in Special Education meetings
  • Participate in, coordinate, conduct activities which contribute to the effective implementation of the high school component of the K-12 guidance curriculum
  • Assure that appropriate, accurate information is maintained in each student’s file
  • Other duties as assigned by the administration

Reflective Practitioner and Growth Mindset

  • Keep current and continue personal professional growth and development through personal and school based professional learning
  • Engage with leadership in a committed effort to improve one's own professional skills


  • Engage parents and students through frequent and effective communication about student progress

Position Requirements:

  • Licenciatura or Master’s degree in Psychology or Guidance Counseling
  • At least three years of counseling experience, preferably, in an international or independent school setting
  • Excellent command of the English language, native English speaker preferred
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Familiarity with K-12 U.S. curriculum
  • Ability to handle common adolescent issues on a daily basis.
  • Understand the policies, procedures and hierarchical structure of the school

If you are interested…

Applicants should submit the following items in a single PDF attachment to: the Human Resources Coordinator (, the High School Principal (, and the Director of Learning (

  • Cover letter explaining your strengths as a Guidance Counselor and your interest in this opening
  • Resume, maximum two pages, with recent photograph
  • Professional philosophy
  • Scanned copy of your professional credentials
  • Reference list including your current supervisor
  • A maximum of two letters of recommendation that may be in your possession (optional)