Middle School Science Teacher


Teaching Responsibilities: As the Middle School Science teacher you will be required to provide high-standard science instruction to students at different levels. In addition, you will lead a group of students for advisory and possibly offer electives to foster students’ social and emotional growth, as well as learning outside of the academic areas.

Primary Function: The role of the Middle School Science Teacher is to foster student achievement via the curriculum, instruction, learning environment, and support as aligned with the mission, beliefs, Profile of the Graduate and adopted standards of the school.

Duties and Objectives: The Middle School Science Teacher will work collaboratively with department members, grade level team members, and house colleagues to plan common and coherent learning experiences for students, as well as assume the following duties and objectives on a continuous basis:

Relationships, Rapport, and Classroom Environment

      Act as a positive role model for students

      Provide a safe, supportive, and engaging classroom environment that is conducive to learning

      Know your students as individual learners that bring an array of talents, ideas, and perspectives to the classroom

 Class Instruction, Assessments, and Grading

      Effectively manage each group of students while providing for a variety of learning preferences, ability levels, readiness, and educational background.

      Utilize developmentally appropriate practices in structuring classroom routines and relaying content and skills during instruction

      Provide engaging learning experiences for students in an inclusive setting that foster higher level thinking, problem solving and analytical skills that apply beyond the classroom

      Engage with students in meaningful activities beyond the classroom which extend learning experiences for students (coaching, organizing field trips, sponsorship of clubs, events, or community service projects, etc.)

      Employ technology (computer, video, internet, etc.) as appropriate to enhance instruction.

      Individualize the content when necessary to meet each student's learning needs.

      Continuously monitor student learning and make appropriate modifications of goals and strategies to meet students' needs.

      Accurately assess student progress using both formative and summative assessments.

      Maintain up-to-date and accurate records of student progress and attendance, as well as classroom supplies and materials.

      Other duties as assigned.


Unit Planning and Designing Learning Experiences

      Plan and prepare throughout the year for effective instruction within the classroom.

      Contribute as a collaborative team member in the development of cohesive, standards-driven curriculum materials and the establishment of instructional goals.

 Reflective Practitioner and Growth Mindset

      Keep current in education through personal and school based professional learning

      Engage with leadership in a committed effort to improve one's own instructional skills.


      Engage parents and students in the learning process through frequent and meaningful communication about student progress.


Position Requirements:

      Bachelor’s degree, or higher, with a valid teaching certificate/license in content area and/or

           General Education

·      At least two years teaching experience in middle school preferred

      Excellent command of the English language, native English speaker preferred

      Strong communication and interpersonal skills

      Familiarity with K-12 U.S. curriculum and the Common Core State Standards for Next Generation Science

      Experience providing high-standard science instruction and fostering student understanding

      Teachers are required to submit an up-to-date criminal background check from country of origin, as well as a police background check from the country where you currently live.


If you are interested…

Applicants should submit the following items in a single PDF attachment to: The Human Resources Coordinator (job_apply@cds.ed.cr) and the Director General (cds_director@cds.ed.cr)

      Cover letter explaining your strengths as a teacher and your interest in this opening

      Resume, maximum two pages, with recent photograph

      Educational philosophy

      Scanned copy of your teaching certification

      Reference list including your current supervisor

      A maximum of two letters of recommendation that may be in your possession (required)